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Practical Design Seminar: Cold-Formed Steel

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SEMINAR:  Practical Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures

The Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association (LGSEA) presents a new continuing 
education program specifically developed for engineers and architects who 
want to learn practical and efficient design of cold-formed steel structures. 
 This seminar goes beyond theoretical concepts to show the actual application 
of the techniques every designer can use.

CONTENT:      The seminar will cover:
                · Codes and Standards (including the most common questions      
            about the AISI Specification), 
                · Application Tips and Techniques (Mid-Rise Structures, 
Multi-                  Family Construction, Residential, Roof Systems, 
Curtain                     Walls),
                · Trusses,
                · Shear Wall Design, and
                · Hands-on design examples that will help attendees apply 
what                    they've learned to real-world situations.

WHEN:       May 14                      
WHERE:  ORLANDO, FL             
            Holiday Inn, International Airport      
            5750 T.G. Lee Boulevard             
            (407) 851-6400          
WHEN:       May 15  
            Crowne Plaza Hotel
            700 N. Westshore Blvd.
            (813) 289-8200

Hand-outs include LGSEA Technical Notes, seminar notes and design examples, 
and manufacturer literature.

COST                $245        
LGSEA Members:      $175        
Students:*          $  75       
*Valid student identification must be provided with registration form.

CERTIFICATES Attendees will be awarded 6 Learning Units for the seminar.
INSTRUCTORS Dr. Roger LaBoube, Ph.D., P.E. and Don Allen, P.E.

REGISTER by calling (615) 279-9251.   Or download the registration form at
Registration Deadline:  May 7, 2001