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RE: post tension slab on grade

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I suggest you use 3/4" dia. A.B. with 8" embedment.  Provide 1/2" thk x 4" SQ. PL. at the bottom of the bolt to increase the diameter of projection.  Calculate the capacity using  the formulas shown on Section 1923.3.2 and 1923.3 of the UBC 1997.
Hope this will help.
Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.
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Subject: post tension slab on grade

I have job with existing post tension slab on grade
5" thick and where a shear wall is 8"  wide x 10" thick scope footing
at the edges is 12" wide x 18" thick
my question is I need to install HD5A in the scope footing but the depth is only 10"
which is not enough
any idea how to do that
thanks in advance