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RE: Friends or Enemy's - a matter of respect

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The difference, David, is that you failed to see any other side of the
discussion but yours. BTW, I never discussed greed in my supposed attacks. I
only addressed two issues. Your conflicting arguments that started with an
attack against "senior over-qualified professionals" who were American
Citizens and who wished to take from you all that you built by wanting to
take over and tell you how to run your business. You failed to qualify your
original argument and directly attacked any senior ambitious professional by
indicating that if they wanted it so badly then they should do what you
did - start their own firm. The others I mentioned don't exhibit that sort
of arrogance.
Second, I point out the facts related to H-1B to which your reply was simply
"That's what attorney's are for." This implies your ignorance of the law and
that ignorance, takes advantage of the situation by assuming you were
investing in this employee for what you hoped to believe would be a
permanent situation by his acquirement of a green-card. You failed to
understand that H-1B is intended to be a temporary measure until you could
find a qualified replacement from the pool of American workers - even those
with the language skills that you need (and I would guess you did not look
hard enough).
Never, did I state that you were greedy - only arrogant and inconsiderate.
But then those were my opinions. While the others on this list had long term
histories on participation in discussions based on factual information, your
arguments were conflicting in each of your posts and you failed to even
acknowledge that an abuse of a law should be dealt with so as not to spoil
it for all others who act on not only good faith, but an understanding of
the intent of the law.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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> Intersting comment from someone who personally attacked me (without ever
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