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RE: storage racks with partially restrained moment connections - wind frame analysis in high seismic zones

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"one of them just brought down a building in Seattle this weekend"

Any more details?<

A few. It was a progressive collapse which started with the earthquake.
When we started unloading it, the system started to shift and became too
dangerous to work on. Not only was the rack unstable, but it was deforming
interior columns.

After shoring the building as best we could, the rack was actually pulled
down to allow unloading.

Again, I repeat: This rack never satisfied UBC criteria. I doubt if it ever
had a building permit. A system designed by this office in another building
on the same site had NO damage. Kindly do not tar all racks with the brush
of the failed systems. Investigate first. Just because one fell down,
doesn't mean ALL racks are dangerous, as some suggest.


Peter S. Higgins, SE