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Re: Bowman trusses

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The open-web trusses that Trus Joist manufactures are Warren trusses. They do have tubular steel, pin connected webs with two different chord material choices (Microllam® LVL or MSR lumber). 

I've never heard of our open web trusses refered to as Bowman trusses, but I'll ask the truss guru if he's heard of it and post the response.

Load tables are available. I can mail you a brochure or you can download one off of . Go to SHORTCUTS, PRODUCT LITERATURE SEARCH, type in 1005 in the TRUS JOIST REORDER NUMBER box, then select the United States version (or Hawaii if that's where the job might be), and the .pdf file will open. 

Mike Perakis, P.E.
Trus Joist

>>> drew(--nospam--at) 03/27/01 12:07PM >>>
I was looking at some plans from the late 1970's and Bowman trusses are
called for the floor and roof.  They appear to be parallel chord open
web trusses (metal web?) with TJI 60 material for the chords.  The
general notes refer to Trus-Joist for these trusses.  Are these just
open-web parallel chord trusses or does the name "Bowman" make them
special or different?  They give the depth for the various trusses, are
allowable loads available based on the depth and span?