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Basic's of Retaining Wall - Online

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I have a retaining wall to design by tomorrow and thought I would check the
RetainPro website to see if there had been any updates posted to version 5.
There are no new announcements for now, but I found a really nice feature at
Hugh Brook's website located at . For those of you
who have a copy of "Retain Pro" you know that the program comes with a great
primer for retaining wall design written by Hugh Brooks, SE. The book is
"Basics of Retaining Wall Design" but most interesting is that it appears in
HTML format and can be read online at the RetainPro 5.0 Website.
I've got to give it to Hugh - not only is he marketing a really great piece
of software at a very reasonable price, but he is letting engineers who are
interested in Retaining Wall design reference his book for free. My hats off
(if I wore one) to Hugh.
I have a soft place in my heart for reliable software, at a fair price,
created by engineers who are interested in sharing knowledge with the
professional community.
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