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RE: Foundation Upgrade

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It might be good to "unload" as much of the column load as possible. That's
often no practical, but in any case, make allowance for the fact that there
is sustained load on the existing baseplate at the time of the repair.

Take this into account in your analysis.

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In order to increase to contact area, you can full pen. weld a new piece
around the perimeter.  You will need to stiffen it with "fins" from the
plate back to the column.  This should also help to reduce bending in
the main portion of the plate.
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Fariborz Tehrani wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm working on a project that needs substantial
> foundation upgrading.
> I'm specifically looking for practical solutions for
> baseplate upgrading i.e. how to make it wider and
> thicker.
> I apprceiate any comments or hints on this and/or
> relative issues.
> Thanks in advance,
> Frank
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