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Old Steel Section Properties

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I am working on a project at the Dalles Dam between Washington and Oregon.  The
drawings that I am looking at are dated 1955.  One detail calls out a steel
section at eithe "ST4WF10" or "STAWF20".  I assume that this is a T cut from a
Wide Flange.  I don't see any 20" wide flanges in any of my manuals or catalogs.
Also, assuming that the detail is drawn to scale, the section does not appear to
be 10" deep.  It might be 4".  Could that be what the 4 in the designation
means?  Could this be a 4" deep T cut from a 20" wide flange?  Can any one give
me the dimensions on this section, i.e. flange width and thickness, web depth
and thickness, etc.?

Thank you,

Kipp A. Martin, S. E.
Portland, Oregon