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Re: Old Steel Section Properties

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To Kipp,

	The ST4WF10 have changed slightly over the years.  This T was almost
certainly cut from a W8x20 which was modified slightly about 20 years
ago to become the present W 8x21 in the AISC handbook.  The new
designation would be WT 4x10.5 on page 1-134 of AISC ASD manual. 
Someone with an AISC handbook predating 1975 should have the old data if
you need it.

	Hope this helps


				H. Daryl Richardson

Kipp.A.Martin(--nospam--at) wrote:
> I am working on a project at the Dalles Dam between Washington and Oregon.  The
> drawings that I am looking at are dated 1955.  One detail calls out a steel
> section at eithe "ST4WF10" or "STAWF20".  I assume that this is a T cut from a
> Wide Flange.  I don't see any 20" wide flanges in any of my manuals or catalogs.
> Also, assuming that the detail is drawn to scale, the section does not appear to
> be 10" deep.  It might be 4".  Could that be what the 4 in the designation
> means?  Could this be a 4" deep T cut from a 20" wide flange?  Can any one give
> me the dimensions on this section, i.e. flange width and thickness, web depth
> and thickness, etc.?
> Thank you,
> Kipp A. Martin, S. E.
> Portland, Oregon