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Light Gage Metal Stud Walls

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Table 23-II-I-1 of the 97 UBC has allowable shear values for plywood
sheathing installed over 1/2" gypsum sheathing on wood studs.  Aside
from having to use larger nails, the values are basically the same as
for a wall without the gypsum sheathing.   Is anyone aware of any
standards or testing regarding doing the same thing with metal studs?

Also, can anyone suggest a reference or design method for calculating
the allowable force for an out-of-plane wind load at the base of a metal
stud, where it is screwed to the flanges of the bottom track?   At first
glance, the track flanges would appear to be cantilevered, but perhaps
that is too conservative an assumption.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Monty Hart
Associated Design Consultants, Inc.
Anchorage Alaska