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RE: FW PE Vs.txt

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Hello haan 

I agree with your statement 

I have worked as a private sector engineer for 4 years and public sector
engineer for 20 years. Luckily all of the cities that I have worked for
during the past 20 years have exhibited a serious concern to life safety and
engineering practice.

However although I rather not mention any city by name I have to admit that
I have seen cities in southern California that hired a professional engineer
with a masters degree in structural engineering and gave him the title of

 Plan Checker

i.e. without the tile of the engineer that he had earned from the state?

 and they hired an inspector with a high school diploma and ICBO certificate
as combination inspector as

 The senior plan check engineer.?

As I get ready to leave the public service in the next 5 to 7 years and
return to the private sector  I thought I relay this to other engineers that
might not have been involved with public sector as much.

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Hello Sid,

Only local engineers can make thier building departments hire engineers and
do more thorough structural plan checks. The bureaucrats have no pull over
the local politicians, but the contractors do.  It has been my experience
that most of the local contractors would scale back the plan review and they
managed to get licensed engineers less involved with the residential plan
review.   Locally there is a thorough plan check of all disciplines for
commercial permits, but the only reason that this is still there is because
some professionals have argued for it.  


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Municipality of Anchorage
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