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RE: 28 New Mathcad Template Uploads

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I have been running Mathcad 2000 Professional and will occasionally have a problem with it crashing. However, I is not a great problem that I can see. Personally, I can't justify the upgrade price to 2001 at $249.00. The only major change appears to be the support of HTML and some promises of interoperability between Mathcad and Autocad. However, I've been disappointed in the "promises" made for each version as I don't believe compatibility between programs - especially if you have to use Mathsoft's intermediate program to link Mathcad to other programs is worth the trouble. They usually provide insufficient documentation for programs like Math-Connect to gain any real use for it.
Personally, I wish they would work more on their database retrieval capabilities and programming language to allow it to be more compatible and closer related to a spreadsheet or database software.
Mathcad is a very friendly way to work with formulas but lacks the strength that spreadsheets have to access and use information in other than simple conditional statements.
I guess the goal is to have a spreadsheet that allows the users to work only with variables than with cell references.
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I tried Mathcad 2000 Standard for my engineering calculations.  Paid around $100 for the program.  I have had nothing but problems with random program crashes and sometime the inability to open my previously created Mathcad files.   
Anyone else had these types of problems?  Does the 2001 version run well? 
Scott Kent, P.E.
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I have provided links on the Structuralist.Net Software Productivity Forum for 28 new Mathcad Templates devoted to Structural engineering. The templates were located on the Mathcad site and each form message includes the link to each template intended for Structural Engineering.

You can access the forum by starting at the discussion forum link listed below and following the links to Professional Forum/Software Productivity Tools/ Mathcad Templates.

Credit is provide to each author mentioned in the Mathcad download site.

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