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Re: Wood Shear Walls

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The 97 UBC and 2000 IBC each provide a brief discussion of shear walls
with openings and means to transfer the loads around these openings. 
These are both rudimentary but may give you the flexibility you need. 
NEHRP Proposal 7-17 and the IBC 2000 has a small design method for
perforated shear walls which may also be applicable.  You will need to
check with your building department to see if these alternates will be

Jason Kilgore wrote:
> Ok, the subject is back.
> I recently received a 3-story wood project.  It's a teen shelter shaped like
> a house, 50'x60'.
> The problem is that the architect is apparently into the "swiss-cheese"
> look.  I can't find a single patch of wall more than 3ft wide extending from
> the foundation to the roof.
> None of the windows and doors line up.  Walls move in and out of plane.
> Anyone know of a good reference for designing such a beast?
> The walls will have to be designed as big shear walls with holes.  Is there
> a reference for nailing patterns around the openings?  Does the UBC contain
> this information.
> Speaking of the UBC, the city where this is located is still using the 1991
> UBC.
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