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Re: Wood Shear Walls

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recall my quest of last week and I concluded with the equation that represents
the chart in the IBC2000

Co = 100/(B(1-3A)+3A)

Reference table 2305.3.7.2

Let A= the ratio of maximum opening height to the wall height.
That?s the value across the top of the chart.

Let B= percent of full height sheathing to full length of wall.
That?s the left column on chart.

Jason Kilgore wrote:

> Ok, the subject is back.
> I recently received a 3-story wood project.  It's a teen shelter shaped like
> a house, 50'x60'.
> The problem is that the architect is apparently into the "swiss-cheese"
> look.  I can't find a single patch of wall more than 3ft wide extending from
> the foundation to the roof.
> None of the windows and doors line up.  Walls move in and out of plane.
> Anyone know of a good reference for designing such a beast?
> The walls will have to be designed as big shear walls with holes.  Is there
> a reference for nailing patterns around the openings?  Does the UBC contain
> this information.
> Speaking of the UBC, the city where this is located is still using the 1991
> UBC.
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