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RE: Wood Shear Walls

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I have a reference to the Cyclic and Monotonic Testing of long walls with
openings (perforated shearwalls) prepared by J.D. Dolans at Virginia
Polytechnic for AF&PA as well as for HUD. You can download the draft
documents which I believe cover the design criteria as well from the
Structuralist.Net Professional Forum at:
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This will take you to the Technical Publications forum where you will see a
link for the Perforated Shearwall forum.
Hope this helps you!
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> Subject: Re: Wood Shear Walls
> The 97 UBC and 2000 IBC each provide a brief discussion of shear walls
> with openings and means to transfer the loads around these openings.
> These are both rudimentary but may give you the flexibility you need.
> NEHRP Proposal 7-17 and the IBC 2000 has a small design method for
> perforated shear walls which may also be applicable.  You will need to
> check with your building department to see if these alternates will be
> acceptable.
> Jason Kilgore wrote:
> >
> > Ok, the subject is back.
> >
> > I recently received a 3-story wood project.  It's a teen
> shelter shaped like
> > a house, 50'x60'.
> >
> > The problem is that the architect is apparently into the "swiss-cheese"
> > look.  I can't find a single patch of wall more than 3ft wide
> extending from
> > the foundation to the roof.
> > None of the windows and doors line up.  Walls move in and out of plane.
> >
> > Anyone know of a good reference for designing such a beast?
> >
> > The walls will have to be designed as big shear walls with
> holes.  Is there
> > a reference for nailing patterns around the openings?  Does the
> UBC contain
> > this information.
> >
> > Speaking of the UBC, the city where this is located is still
> using the 1991
> > UBC.
> >
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