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pressure vessels

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Mr. Rodgers,
I think I would contact the manufacturer of the tanks and let
them handle the engineering.
Gary Bunkers P.E.
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>From: Patrick Rodgers <prodgers(--nospam--at)>
>To: Seaint <seaint(--nospam--at)>
>Subject: Welding on pressure vessels

>Dear All,

>As part of California's hospital upgrade, bulk medical (lox) gas tanks
>must have there anchorage verified.  Given a large number of tanks were
>installed without permits, or at least we have not found any, we have to
>check the anchorage.

>My questions

>Since these tanks tend to have three legs with a single anchor bolt, we
>are finding that additional anchors are required.
>1.    Are the ASME approved tanks allowed to be modified in the leg area
>without voiding the ASME approval?  Modifications would include welding
>gussets, welding plates to box the channel shape of the leg, or drilling
>2.    Is welding on the legs of a tank filled with liquid oxygen a good
>3.    Are there any  other items to be reviewing.  Such as does
>strengthening the legs for lateral loads cause problems in the outer
>shell of the tank?

>Thanks in advance.

>Patrick Rodgers