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Steel Col.-Beam Strength Ratio

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Recently I have been redesigning some steel frames designed several years ago.  The structure was never built.  I have been following an example of the joint design on page 251 of  “Seismic Design of Buildings and Bridges” by Alan Williams, PH.D., SE.


On this page his equation for summing column moments at the top and bottom of the panel zone would equate to UBC equation 13-3-1, section 2213-7-5, but no consideration was given to UBC equation 13-3-2.  Equation 13-3-1 would be the same as equation 9-3 in the ’97 Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC) with the SumMc changed in the denominator.  This change was mentioned in the Williams text or in FEMA 350 (I don’t remember which).  I’m a little confused as to why the Williams text doesn’t check UBC 13-3-2.  Also, if any one has an example for checking the UBC equation 13-3-2, I would love to see it.



Joseph R. Grill, PE