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ACI 350 code for public review

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FYI, the following documents are currently posted on the ACI website for
public review and comment: 

ACI 350/350R-01, Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete
Structures and Commentary. 
ACI 350.1/350.1R-01, Tightness Testing of Environmental Engineering Concrete
Structures and Commentary.
ACI 350.3/350.3R-01, Seismic Design of Liquid-Containing Concrete Structures
and Commentary.

They may be accessed as follows: Go to the ACI website at "".
Click on "Committees", "Standardization Actions". Select a document to
download in PDF format. (Warning: the 350 code and commentary are 392 pages
in length.) 

The public comment period officially starts April 1 and extends for 90 days.
The committee must then review all public comments and vote on any proposed
revisions to the document. It is hoped to have a final document in printing
by the end of 2001. 

Note: The 350-01 code is written as a modification to ACI 318-95. The
committee is currently working on a revision to update to correspond to the
ACI 318-99 code. It is hoped to have the next revision within 2-years. The
350.3-01 document is based on 1994 UBC seismic force levels and formulas. It
also hoped to have this document updated within the next 2-years to
accommodate more recent seismic codes. It likely will be revised to
correspond with IBC 2000 seismic design, but consideration is being given to
adding an Appendix to address 1997 seismic provisions. 

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