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RE: Lifting Devices

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It's a little more tricky than that.... if you truly follow ASME standards
for below-the-hook lifting devices they start talking in terms of safety
factors against ultimate strength (5:1 comes to mind but it has been a
while)......... but yes.... impact is an important item .... I used to work
at a nuclear facility where we designed lifting beams, spreaders, etc.....
any time you start getting into suspended loads you better check the ASME
standards as well as any relevant OSHA industrial standards (29 CFR

Robert C. Rogers, PE

Woolpert LLP

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Subject: RE: Lifting Devices

Use the live load factor, of course, but the most important thing to
consider is impact, which can be 75-100% of the static load.

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Subject: Lifting Devices

An industrial facility is asking us to review their lifting bales, hooks and
other lifting devices.

Please advise where I can find load factors for these types of elements.