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Welding on pressure vessels

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Dear All,

As part of California's hospital upgrade, bulk medical (lox) gas tanks
must have there anchorage verified.  Given a large number of tanks were
installed without permits, or at least we have not found any, we have to
check the anchorage.

My questions

Since these tanks tend to have three legs with a single anchor bolt, we
are finding that additional anchors are required.
1.    Are the ASME approved tanks allowed to be modified in the leg area
without voiding the ASME approval?  Modifications would include welding
gussets, welding plates to box the channel shape of the leg, or drilling
2.    Is welding on the legs of a tank filled with liquid oxygen a good
3.    Are there any  other items to be reviewing.  Such as does
strengthening the legs for lateral loads cause problems in the outer
shell of the tank?

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Rodgers