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iCivilEngineer - highly recommended new website for Civil-Structural Engineers

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Many of you may have missed my recommendation for the following website that
I located which services the Civil Engineering Professional Community. I had
embedded it into an announcement of some changes to my own website. However,
I want to be sure that you are alerted to this site as it provides
information in much the same manner as the Structuralist.Net - without
solicitation or advertising. The site is totally supported by

I want to recommend the website at for those of you who may not be familiar with
it. The site covers a great deal of information on the entire field of Civil
Engineering including Structural Engineering. One of the site nicest
features is the Current News, which uses Internet research sites to find the
most current published news dealing with Civil and Structural Engineering
issues. These are articles published in major newspapers, AP, and
professional journals. It is maintained daily so that if there is any
breaking news you should be able to find it here.

Lily Haung, editor of the website, wrote to inform me of the goals of

" We have two staffs working part-time maintaining the site. It is a bit
difficult to make ends meet if we can't get financial support. Somehow, we
try to manage it well. Our staffs do everything from selecting resources
from the Internet to coding the web pages. We sacrifice our spare time
without any compensation. Hopefully, our effort will bring attention to our

We wish that we could have time and budget to promote our site. So far, the
traffic is mainly brought by major search engine, such as yahoo!, google,
inktomi, MSN, etc. It is a good idea that we promote each other. We will add
your site to our directory. And if possible, please add our site to your
directory. We will let you know when we finish updating the directory.


Keep up your good works!


Lily Huang"

I am pleased to recommend this website as it has a very similar ideology to
mine. The site is maintained as a public service and has not, as yet,
resorted to online advertising or solicitation.

I think you will particularly like the clean layout of the site and ease in
which you can find information specific to the topics you are interested in.
I highly recommend that you bookmark the page and that you write the editor
of the website, Lily Huang to let her know how much websites such as hers
are appreciated by the professional community.

I invite anyone who is creating a similar website, discussion group,
listservice etc. to write me as we  can do a lot together to help promote
each other and coordinate the tremendous amount of information becoming
available to us.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice
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