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RE: disappointed engineer

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We also have the same situtation here in Turkey.Another fact is that 
the salary of a structural design engineer is always less than the salary 
of a site engineer in my country (both mentioned salaries are always lower 
than another elecrical engineer or industrial engineer). You may see a civil

engineer working as an IT in a bank or working as a network admin in a
for the sake of earning much money. The structural engineering here is not
for money. Here in my country you may do it if you really love to do it, not
you imagine earning whole lot of money. 


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I had similar experience in China.

Kingckong GU
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>I graduated from college here in Chile about six months ago, and I've been 
>working ever since in a small office designing mostly reinforced concrete 
>buildings, and to tell you the truth, I find the job to be very 
>disappointing. The pay is definitely not as good as in other areas (like 
>industrial engineering), and the job really gets to be boring sometimes. I 
>mean, what difference will it make if you try to do a good job and try 
>design economically for the client? Will he notice? I think certainly not. 
>The thing is, at least here in Chile structural engineering really carries 
>some status in college because it's considered to be one of the more 
>difficult areas of engineering, and the smartest kids here in Chile prefer 
>to study engineering rather that medicine or law, like in the States. Now I

>don't regret having studied structural engineering, I liked studying it, 
>but working, now that's a different story. I don't want to spend the rest 
>of my life taking orders from the big man in the project (architect), so 
>I've already started to look for a job in another area. Does this happen to

>engineers in other countries?
>just my 2 pesos worth,
>Tomas Matta Ingeniero Civil, PUC Santiago, Chile
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