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RE: disappointed engineer

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In India also, the situation is not good for structural engineers. Getting a job in structural engineering itself is very hard, unless you settle for a job giving less money. Actually nobody goes to a structural engineer or an arhitect for a designing a normal residential building. The construction of normal residential R.C.C structures is done by illiterate masons who build out of their experience. As far as multi-storeyed apartments are concerned, people do approach a structural engineer, but there too what a structural engineer earns is peanuts. Also how far the construction contractors follow the design given by the structural engineer is questionable. This is the reason why there were so many deaths in the 26-Jan-2001 Gujarat earthquake. People are ready to spend million bucks on construction, but get stingy to spend money on design. That's why buildings are just waiting for some natural calamities to raze them to ground.
 I am one such disappointed guy like you. Inspite of graduating in civil engineering and doing post graduation in structural engineering, I have shifted to Information technology field to make a living. But due to love for structural engineering, I spend my leisure time reading Civil engineering journals, browsing websites on civil engineering, writing computer programs in structural engineering and abreast of latest developments in civil engineering.
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I graduated from college here in Chile about six months ago, and I've been working ever since in a small office designing mostly reinforced concrete buildings, and to tell you the truth, I find the job to be very disappointing.  The pay is definitely not as good as in other areas (like industrial engineering), and the job really gets to be boring sometimes.  I mean, what difference will it make if you try to do a good job and try design economically for the client?  Will he notice? I think certainly not.  The thing is, at least here in Chile structural engineering really carries some status in college because it's considered to be one of the more difficult areas of engineering, and the smartest kids here in Chile prefer to study engineering rather that medicine or law, like in the States.  Now I don't regret having studied structural engineering, I liked studying it, but working, now that's a different story.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life taking orders from the big man in the project (architect), so I've already started to look for a job in another area.  Does this happen to engineers in other countries?
just my 2 pesos worth,
Tomas Matta
Ingeniero Civil, PUC
Santiago, Chile