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Old Building Codes

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> >Speaking of the UBC, the city where this is located is still using the
> >UBC.
> What part of the world would that be, if you don't mind my asking?

Kansas City, MO still uses the 1991 UBC.
Lee's Summit, MO was still using it as of December, 2000.

Depending on which city/county/state you're working in within 100 miles of
Kansas City, MO, you could be required to use the 1991 UBC, 1994 UBC, 1997
UBC, 1996 BOCA, or the 2000 IBC.

One of the joys of working in this area

Personal rant:
As I understand it, the 1991 UBC is the last one that does not allow
"plastic" pipe for fresh water supply.  The reason KC is still using this
code is because a fairly powerful local plumbers' union doesn't want to use
"plastic" (they'll get less money).  So every time a new code comes around
and the building officials start to review it, the plumbers (and other
unions allied with the plumbers) put pressure on the city council to *not*
adopt it.

I'm pro-union.  I think the things unions have accomplished towards workers'
safety, rights, and pay are outstanding and commendable.  Why should a
carpenter or ironworker risk his life and survive on Vienna sausages and
crackers just so the construction company owner take home a 100k bonus?  Or
so the building owner can save a few grand on construction costs?  But
sometimes, union demands are just plain selfish, and hurt the industry as a

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