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RE: disappointed engineer

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No, it doesn't. The ROADWAY designers are in charge. And unless you work
directly for the state (assuming you mean highway bridges), you as a
consultant are not in charge; you do things EXACTLY as the state bridge
engineers do them.

And if you ARE working directly for the state, you have to adhere to state
standards even if they don't work (ex: Here in Texas for years it was known
that details for elastomeric bearings on prestressed concrete I-beam bridges
were not adequate, as the bearings would "walk" out from under the beams,
but the engineers were forced to use them until such time as the "official"
changes were made).

Face it: Someone's always your boss. I work for myself, and mostly my
clients are very easy to work with, but they are ultimately the "boss",
because they pay the bills.

I think worrying too much about realities that aren't going to change is

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Bridge engineering puts the Structural Engineer back in charge.  Try it, you
might like it.