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Re: Engineering from Home - Protecting Personal Assets

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1.  Before you undertake to do some "moonlighting", you might want to clear
things with your present employer.  If you're in a "junior" position, it
might be okay.  But if you're a "named-insured" on your company's policy,
your work might subject them to some unintended, and unacceptable,

I may be "all wet" here, but you might want to check.

2.  On liability coverage...  I have opted to go "bare".  The observation
in this area (Florida) is that insurance companies have "deep pockets".  I
don't have statewide statistics, but every local engineering company with
liability coverage has been sued.  And I don't know any "uninsured"
engineer who has been sued.  Attorneys aren't too eager in taking a case on
contingency where they can win a case and still lose money.

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> Subject: Engineering from Home - Protecting Personal Assets
> Date: Monday, April 02, 2001 12:05 PM
This is a question regarding consulting from out of the home.  Normally, I
not do consulting from my home, however, various Architect/Designer friends

have asked me to do some consulting on some small engineering projects 
(additions, custom homes, retaining walls).   I'm not sure whether I'll do 
the projects because I have a few concerns regarding protecting my personal

assets (house, savings, 401k, etc.) from lawsuits if (heaven forbid) I get 
named in a lawsuit (as in some lawsuits EVERYONE is named on a project).  I

realize no one is really fully protected from being sued, however is there
way to limit liability and protect my personal assets?  I have heard that
one incorporates oneself this helps protect personal assets but I'm not
what that entails.

Any info. would be very helpful.