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RE: Engineering from Home - Protecting Perso

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I am going to incorporate based on information gained from a small business
development course I have been taking through the University of Houston.

The fact is, a corporation WILL protect you from lawsuits, particularly of
the frivolous kind, because the corporation will be the entity that is sued,
not you personally.

Also, while you're right that you can't "contract away negligence", the fact
is that MOST lawsuits, and MOST jury awards, are for "frivolous reasons". If
you are at fault, you're at fault. But such a setup will prevent someone
with a brief for just "getting" you for whatever reason, from coming away
with anything of value.

A Subchapter "S" seems to be fairly easy to set up, and does not penalize
you unduly from taxes.

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Unless your "corporation" is the registered structural engineer, the
corporation does not protect anything.