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RE: Engineering from Home - Protecting Personal Assets

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I agree with both Fountain and Dennis with regard to E&O Insurance making you a "lawsuit magnet".
However, in my own case I have no choice but to carry the insurance, as it is required by the public entities with whom I do business (mostly as a subconsultant to other firms).
Ironically, I have found that carrying the insurance has made me more "desirable" in the eyes of certain clients, as if they consider me "legitimate" because I carry it.
I have also had to carry General Liability, Office Contents Protection, Hired and Unowned Vehicles, and Worker's Compensation insurance for myself, as it is also required by my clients (or their clients, as the case may be).
I think it is funny that government entities, who have certain legal protections against lawsuits that private sector entities don't have, are the ones that insist on my carrying insurance.
I would be interested to know if Fountain carries some of the other types of insurance aside from E&O, as I would think industrial clients--his bread and butter--would insist on it. My one "industrial" client I've had so far did so.

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