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RE: Old Building Codes

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Seems like we agree on something - here was my list (as a guitarist I can't
think of one "favorite" or "best" as they are all unique). Sorry if my
spelling of names is poor:

Leo Kottke (best 12-string player in my book)
Laurance Juber (known primarily to studio and fingerstyle guitarists)
Peppino D'Agostino
Pierre Bensusan
Marcel Dadi
Guy Van Duser (nobody plays Sousa on guitar better than Duser)
Chris Proctor
Michael Hedges
Rick Ruskin
Phil Keaggy
Pat Donohue
Tim Sparks
Bob Brozman (slide guitar)
**Ben Harper (aquaintance and excellent slide guitarist)
Adrian Legg
Rory Block
Lee Ritenour
Pete Finger
Duck Baker
Tuck Andress
El McMeen (an attorney no less)
Ry Cooder
Al De Meola
Bert Jansch (originally with Pentangle in the 60's)
David Grisman
Jerry Garcia
Joe Miller
Stefen Grossman
John Renbourn
Django Reinhardt
George Benson
Charlie Christian
Wes Montgomery
Al Caiola
Chet Atkins (Jethro Burns brother-in-law)
Mark Knopfler
*Jethro Burns (an old friend from Chicago)
Carlos Montoya
Christopher Parkening
Muriel Anderson
Elliot Fisk
Andre Segovia
B.B. King
Albert King
Buddy Guy
Eric Clapton
Steve Ray Vaughan
Jimmy Vaughan
John Fahey
Robert Johnson (not the SEAOI Bob Johnson)
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Keb? Mo?
Roy Rogers (the other Roy Rogers)
etc. etc. etc. and not in that order. I can't see how anyone can pick a
"best" when each of the above has a unique style that others can only "try"
and copy - I don't know anyone who can match them.

* Jethro was part of "Homer and Jethro" a country duo very popular in the
50's and 60's. Jethro was from Evanston Illinois and used to teach mandoline
at the music store I was managing while in College (this was after Homer
died). Jethro would put me (and anyone) to shame whether it was guitar of
mandolin. Jethro's wife is the twin sister of Chet Atkin's wife (if you're
interested) making them brother-in-laws. Can you imagine the fingers burning
at family events. If your a long time Chicagoan, you might remember the
Saddle Club that closed in the early 70's. Jethro's son, John formed a group
which was one of Chicago's finest - Wildflower. This was the same time that
Steve Goodman was doing the "City of New Orlean's" and the "Lincoln Park
Pirates" at the Earl of Old Town. Jethro toured with Steve Goodman until
Steve died of Lukemia in the mid 80's.

**I did a seismic retrofit for Ben's grandfather. At the time, Ben was
playing a Hawaiian Steel Guitar for Taj Mahal and was only about 18-years
old. He worked in his grandfathers music store in Clairmont California. My
payment for the job was a Taylor Jumbo 915 (for any of you guitar geeks out
there) that Ben Harper got for me directly from Taylor Guitar. This was just
before Ben signed with Virgin Records.

Enjoy the list - it was fun looking through old CD's. I didn't realize how
large the collection became.


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> A few to add:
> Pete Townsend, Al Dimeola, Laurienda Almeda
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> I disagree Bill- I consider Santana as the world's greatest
> guitarist. Well
> then, in his birthplace, they might be using even older building codes !
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> > Birthplace of Pat Metheny, world's greatest guitarist!
> >
> > Anything they did after that HAS to be okay, even if it means
> using an old
> > building code!
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> > Lee's Summit, MO was still using it as of December, 2000.
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