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RE: Old Building Codes

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OK....for my wife...Joe Walsh's "Hotel California" solo

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And let's not forget one of the best of the best, Jimmy Page (Stairway to
Heaven is the most listened to song of the last century, and his guitar had
a lot to do with that.)

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        Absolutely! My list is based mostly on my specialty and admiration
for fingerstyle guitar. However, don't forget some of the worlds best
flatpickers like Steve Cropper, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards, Bon Jovi (one
of the fastest fingers in the world), Jimmy Hendrix,! I think the
list can get pretty large but one thing is certain, each of these people has
a unique style or sound. This is why it can only a subjective opinion to
consider any one as the best. However, I will admit that I'll continue to
enjoy listening so as to find one that can do it all.