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RENAMED: World Famous Guitarists

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A man after my own heart. Like I said in my post, there are many more I will
have forgotten to mention. FWIW - Both Stefan Grossman and Rory Block are
protege's of the Reverend Gary Davis. Blind Boy Fuller was consider the
"Jelly Roll Morton" of guitar as his seeming simple blues style is
tremendously more complicated and very blues oriented. Jorma was originally
with Grace Slick with Jefferson Airplane, but anyone who is a Jorma Kaukonen
fan also knows his work more recently with bassist Jack Casady (also with
the Airplane) in the band "Hot Tuna."

Around the same era as Blind Boy Fuller was another Ragtime Blues guitar
player who I have struggled to learn - Blind Black (as Chuck so wisely
notices). Blake was a strong influence on steel guitarist Ry Cooder's style.
Another from the era, but more in the Piedmont style of Blues was Huddie
Ledbetter also known as Leadbelly ("Goodnight Irene").

While on the subject of the old Piedmont Blues stylists - the tribute is
carried forward by one in particular whose father was a blues historian.
John Hammond,Jr. is one of the most powerful of the traditional blues
guitarists and singers that I've listened to in a long time. Very little is
mentioned of his father, John Sr. who traveled the Southern US during the
30's on with discographer Alan Lomax who was best known to the recordings of
Leadbelly while he was interned for life charged with Murder and numerous
escape attempts. Typical of the situations at the time, the records
indicated that Leadbelly was protecting himself from a jealous lover whom he

What a nice break in the day. Let's hear more of your favorites. BTW, Chuck,
for your love of these greats - are you a guitarist? Most won't go back that
far into different blues styles to recognized people like Bind Boy Fuller,
or Blink Blake.

If  anyone is interested in hearing these great people, I know of one
wonderful source for all of the old blues players - the Stefan Grossman
Workshop. They have a website at:
Grossman, who a tremendous fingerstyle guitarist in his own, started with a
very small company back in the early seventies called "Kicking Mule Records"
(this is where I first learned to read tablature) and over most of his life
he recorded on tape and film, many of the greats that he played with
(especially Rev. Gary Davis - his teacher). He then dug out as much from
archives and put together some of the best videos (probably the only ones
left) as well as a tremendous collection of fingerstyle guitar music and
video lessons by the most challenging of guitarists.

If any of you are fingerstyle guitarists, I'd like to hear from you in
private - if only to share stories.


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> Dennis-
> An excellent list, but I'd add a few older players: Blind Blake, Rev. Gary
> Davis(the best I ever saw), and Blind Boy Fuller plus some more
> recent players
> like Paul Rishell, Jorma Kalkanen, and the most creative slide
> player around
> today Kelly Joe Phelps.  (I just purchased a National Steel
> knock-off by Johnson
> and am enjoying it greatly.  Something I'd wanted to do for 40 years.)
> Chuck Utzman