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RE: Engineering from Home - Protecting Perso

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Essentially, you are correct. The case was fought in California (Southern).
It is a perfect example of a conflict between two laws. I don't suppose that
this is unique as interpretations based on case law is fairly common and
changes the position on issues often.
In my opinion, the court's position was in direct opposition to the intent
of the building laws to protect against potential injury.
Since I am so much against the decision, I can understand how it was
justified in the courts, but I can lead you to the Structuralist.Net Public
forum where I and others present the full Supreme Court ruling. Seek out the
topic - HomeSafe Campaign - Aas vs. Williams Lyon Company.
I'd be interested in your opinions.

One problem is that if the California Supreme Court decision is appealed to
the Federal Supreme Court and upheld, it can have a tremendous impact on
construction quality all over the country as it establishes a precedence.

Let us know what you think.

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> Let me get this straight?
> The code is the law, is it not?
> And it was agreed that violations of the "law" were not applicable in this
> case?  In a "court of law", violations of the law provide an unfair
> advantage to the plaintiff?  I tho't that violation of law was the main
> reason for initiating a court case.
> If I understand this correctly, it simply reconfirms the "golden rule" (He
> who has the gold makes the rules).
> Where was this case tried?  New York City?  Chicago?  Washington, D.C.?
> Boston?  Any state capitol, or large city where judges are simply a
> commodity?
> I don't know whether to laugh or weep.
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> >
> > Aas was an unusual case as before the case was tried in the Superior
> Court
> > it was agreed that the list of all structural and code defects would be
> > excluded from admission. It was reasoned that the list of defects
> provided
> > an unfair advantage for the Plaintiff.