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Re: Aase ruling

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> Dennis-
> I suppose one could have asked the learned jurists (or legislators) how
> they'd
> feel about this matter if, the next time they plugged in a toaster or hair
> dryer, they were to have a significant chance of being electrocuted--but
> one
> will be able to correct the wiring problem until there is actual damage
> (death?).
> Chuck

You forget -- the learned jurists and legislators make enough money to
afford a custom-built home designed by a legitimate architect or designer.
They can also afford a decent contractor who doesn't cut corners.

They're response to the above question would be something on the order of
"Get references and hire a better contractor."

It's the people who can only afford shoddily-built "speculation" homes built
by Jimbo Billy Bob's Konstruction Kompany that get screwed.

The best way to fix something that's broken is to require the people who
make the decisions *use* the thing that is broken.

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Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
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