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Re: RENAMED: World Famous Guitarists

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I'm glad you changed the subject line.  I had deleted everyhting
after the Pat Matheny comment.  I did go back and read the
thread.  Many interesting and insightful posts.  Thanks to all.

My $.02 on a few things:

I'm not so sure about the Page/Plant Stairway thing.  I saw them
back in '98 the last time they toured.  They didn't play Stairway,
Jimmy strapped on the double-neck (required for that song) and
started the intro.  The crowd went nuts.  The last time that song 
was played by them (to my knowledge) was at Live Aid in 1984 
when John Paul Jones was on stage with them.  I think that might
have something to do with it.  But listen to Achilles Last Stand and
Kashmir.  I think both of those songs are a tad stronger than Stairway.

Rush is a 3 piece.  Liefson is a virtuoso guitarist, but Geddy Lee's 
vocals and Dr. Neil Pert's Lyrics and Drums make that band.   On
my list of acts to go and see.

I looked throught the list and after the additions of Page and 
Thorogood, the only one that I think you might have "missed"
is McKinley Morganfield or Muddy Waters.  He became more
known for his vocals than a guitarist, but I think that if you listen
to his earlier stuff, his name should be included if for nothing else
than his influence on later generations.  Then again, I didn't see
Neil Young either.

If you want to include musicians that are known as guitarists,
but not quite the technicians on the level of Page and Clapton,
I would submit Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor as two names to
start another thread.

Now for some names that you might not be aware of.  I'm 29, just
wanted to mention that as a disclaimer.  I've seen Garcia, Townshend,
and Page (twice) but I will never see Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Dave Matthews I think is a pretty talented guitarist.  I have a friend who
plays and told me that his stuff is hard to play.  Each of his band members
is a virtuoso on their instrument.  They just released their new album a few
weeks ago and are starting a tour April 21st.  

Another one that might not be familiar is Trey Anastasio.  He's the lead
singer/guitarist for Phish.  Let's not comment on the crowd that follows
them, but I do think they are a good band.  I saw Trey when he came
to Richmond in February.  He's pretty darn good.  We got a special
treat when Dave Matthews joined him onstage for 4 songs.  Both
of them can flat out play.

And now a second thought.  If you're worried about napster and its
possible demise, let me suggest gnotella.  Same concept but no
central location, therefore it cannot be shut down or subject to regulations.
And furthermore, it enable sharing of ALL filetypes and Filenames.  We did
a quick search to see how fast it could fins something obscure, and we
found the entire DVD of A Clockwork Orange in 16sec.