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RE: RENAMED: World Famous Guitarists

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At 51-years let me recommend BearShear over Gnutella - much more reliable
and operates from the Gnutella list of servers.
Nobody would forget Muddy Waters, but like I said - there are literally
hundreds of fine guitarists (if not much more when you include the unknown
but very talented).

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> I'm glad you changed the subject line.  I had deleted everyhting
> after the Pat Matheny comment.  I did go back and read the
> thread.  Many interesting and insightful posts.  Thanks to all.
> My $.02 on a few things:
> I'm not so sure about the Page/Plant Stairway thing.  I saw them
> back in '98 the last time they toured.  They didn't play Stairway,
> Jimmy strapped on the double-neck (required for that song) and
> started the intro.  The crowd went nuts.  The last time that song
> was played by them (to my knowledge) was at Live Aid in 1984
> when John Paul Jones was on stage with them.  I think that might
> have something to do with it.  But listen to Achilles Last Stand and
> Kashmir.  I think both of those songs are a tad stronger than Stairway.
> Rush is a 3 piece.  Liefson is a virtuoso guitarist, but Geddy Lee's
> vocals and Dr. Neil Pert's Lyrics and Drums make that band.   On
> my list of acts to go and see.
> I looked throught the list and after the additions of Page and
> Thorogood, the only one that I think you might have "missed"
> is McKinley Morganfield or Muddy Waters.  He became more
> known for his vocals than a guitarist, but I think that if you listen
> to his earlier stuff, his name should be included if for nothing else
> than his influence on later generations.  Then again, I didn't see
> Neil Young either.
> If you want to include musicians that are known as guitarists,
> but not quite the technicians on the level of Page and Clapton,
> I would submit Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor as two names to
> start another thread.
> Now for some names that you might not be aware of.  I'm 29, just
> wanted to mention that as a disclaimer.  I've seen Garcia, Townshend,
> and Page (twice) but I will never see Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn.
> Dave Matthews I think is a pretty talented guitarist.  I have a friend who
> plays and told me that his stuff is hard to play.  Each of his
> band members
> is a virtuoso on their instrument.  They just released their new
> album a few
> weeks ago and are starting a tour April 21st.
> Another one that might not be familiar is Trey Anastasio.  He's the lead
> singer/guitarist for Phish.  Let's not comment on the crowd that follows
> them, but I do think they are a good band.  I saw Trey when he came
> to Richmond in February.  He's pretty darn good.  We got a special
> treat when Dave Matthews joined him onstage for 4 songs.  Both
> of them can flat out play.
> And now a second thought.  If you're worried about napster and its
> possible demise, let me suggest gnotella.  Same concept but no
> central location, therefore it cannot be shut down or subject to
> regulations.
> And furthermore, it enable sharing of ALL filetypes and Filenames.  We did
> a quick search to see how fast it could fins something obscure, and we
> found the entire DVD of A Clockwork Orange in 16sec.