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RE: Aase ruling

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Jason and Dennis:

On the other hand,  I had a take-over project with 46 townhouses.  23
uphill and 23 downhill, basically two plans, each alike.  The foundation,
framing and exterior stucco completed.  Although every one of the  plans
were the same, it appeared to be a different crew on each one.

Took us three years to complete the project, including putting a structural
designer on the site to straightened out all of the glitches.  The
superintendent,  who was from a central California mountain area, accussed
us of "commercially" engineering the buildings.  Of course the project was
a 1000 feet from the San Andreas fault and was on a high bluff facing the

The sherriff came in one day and took him off the project.  This was
sometime after he had threatened one of my engineers.

Neil Moore,  S.E.
neil moore and associates