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Re: Old Building Codes and Great Guitarists

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Your thread and the subsequent replies truly indicate that some of the engineers on the site are not 'stiff' and have another life besides engineering. It was a welcome break.
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Subject: RE: Old Building Codes and Great Guitarists

Funny, I am the one who is at fault here! Someone mentioned that Lee's Summit, MO, still uses an old version of a building code, and I associate Lee's Summit with jazz guitarist extraordinaire Pat Metheny, since that is his birthplace. That started one of the coolest threads we've had on SEAINT in a LONG time.
I know, eventually the fuddy-duddies (and I love you all) are gonna start gripin', and the thread will have to be terminated, but this is one of those rare occasions when we get to know our colleagues as human beings. I love it, love knowing that Mark Deardorff is a rock-god, love hearing what everybody else enjoys musically.
That has seemed to me to inevitably be an accurate indicator of the personality.
Of course, I'm not surprised to find that Dennis Wish is a walking encyclopedia of guitar-player lore, and am waiting to hear that unbeknownst to us, Harold Sprague was once asked to join Dire Straights when Mark Knopfler was feeling under the weather. NOTHING that guy does surprises me anymore!
And finally, I'm waiting to see Fountain Conner start a Hank Williams thread.

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Just a bit of fun….that’s all


David L. Fisher






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I'm still trying to figure out what is the connection between "Old Building
Codes" and "Guitarists".  Am I missing something here?         

Greg Showerman