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RE: Purpose?

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Can someone explain the difference between a slug and a lb-mass?  I was
always under the impression that a slug was the British unit for mass and
now I see lb-mass used.

Thanks in advance!


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Subject: Purpose?

Fellow forum subscribers:

The reason I subscribed to this forum was for the structural insight of
fellow engineers to help further my knowledge.  I originally subscribed
directly and would receive emails every millisecond.  I then subscribed to
the digest form to receive only one email containing all that was emailed
the previous day.  Yesterday their were 70!  About 75 percent of them were
not even engineering related.  Most subscribers do not have the time and
ethically shouldn't be taking the time out of the work day to check emails.
 Especially, those that do not pertain to the field.

Please take the non-engineering topics to some other forum.  Thanks!

Jamie A. Heupel
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