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Concrete topping

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I have a concrete slab the is severely dusting on the surface.  By severe
I mean the top one inch is turning to powder.  It was built in the mid
80's out in the bush of Kenya.  I must assume it was prematurely finished
and probably overwetted during the finishing process.  I am not sure what
else would cause that much of the surface to deteriorate.  It is an
interior condition.

What I would like to know is a recommended mix design for a topping slab
of about 1" thick.  It will be mixed by hand at the site.  What is
recommended for aggregate size and proportions of aggregate and portland

As far as surface preparation, my thought is to remove the dust down to
sound concrete.  I hope we can find some!  Then, wet the surface and add
a topping.

Thanks for your help.

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