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RE: Pounds

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According to my technical encyclopedia: a slug is a unit of mass equal to
32.17 pound-mass or 14.59 kilograms; a pound-mass is a unit of mass equal to
0.4536 kilogram (also known as avoirdupois pound); a pound-force is a unit
of force equal to 4.45 newtons or equal to the gravitational force
experienced by a pound-mass due to gravity (at 32.17 ft/sec^2 or 9.81
m/sec^2 acceleration); and a poundal is a unit of force equal to 0.1383
newtons or equal to the force which will impart an acceleration of 1
ft/sec^2 to a pound-mass. 

I haven't worked out all the conversions from there, but this will get you

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> Can someone explain the difference between a slug and a 
> lb-mass?  I was
> always under the impression that a slug was the British unit 
> for mass and
> now I see lb-mass used.
> Thanks in advance!
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