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Re: Engineering from Home - Protecting Perso

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I'm getting the impression that we're talking about two different types of
lawsuits here.  Below is my very generalization of the cases based on the
information from all of the previous posts:

1)  An engineer makes a serious error or omission that is not caught
during construction.  Damage to the building/tenants results.  The
engineer who sealed the drawings (EOR) is and should be held
personally responsible.  No corporation of any kind will protect him.

2)  An engineer makes no major mistakes on a job.  After construction,
some dufus trips on a cracked slab, or hits his head on a low beam, or
slips on a handicap ramp that is built at a slope of 1:11 15/16.  This
person then names the owner, the tenant, the architect, the architect's
company, the builder, the engineer, the engineer's company, and the
guy standing next to him at the time of the accident as defendants in
a lawsuit.  A corporation can help protect the engineer's personal
assets.  Not having insurance might get the engineer removed from
the defendant's list because it's not worth the trouble to get anything
from him.

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