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Foundation Jacks

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If my memory is still good, which on some days I have to question, I used
to see adds in Aberdeen's Concrete Construction magazine for foundation
shoring.  I was a steel corkscrew type apparatus.  I no longer have
access to those magazines.  Can somebody give me a lead on a web page for
a product like this.  Also, if anybody has some good or bad
recommendations for using this product, I would appreciate hearing those
as well.

My application is a house located on expansive soil.  The walls are 7
inch thick stone, and it appears as though there is significant movement
of the interior walls, moving down.  The exterior walls are in fairly
good shape.  Only one wall has significant cracks, but quite a few of the
interior walls are cracked.  It makes me wonder also if poor soil
compaction inside the building has caused settlement of the interior

Thanks for your help.

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