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RE: Foundation on Expansive Clay

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Oops, I didn't catch that (I'm used to an active zone of 10 ft or so here in
Southeast Texas).

You're right, John. If it's only a 6 inch active zone, excavating it out is
the best alternative. In fact, I'd recommend doing that up to about 5 or 6
feet or so. After that, it's worth looking at a cost comparison.

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"My thinking is to turn down the outside edge of the footing an additional 6
inches.  If this clay is expansive, it shouldn't be given to capillary
action, and will provide a seal, preventing the soil beneath the foundation
from seeing the varying moisture content."

Is the expansive clay layer only 6" thick?  If this "turn-down" method is
effective in protecting the soil within the 6" zone, what about the soil
beneath IT?

My first inclination is to overexcavate and backfill.
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