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RE: IBC2000 size of a 16d nail

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Mr. Merrick:

When it comes to nails, I recommend that you specify the length and diameter
(see section 12.1.1 of the 1997 NDS).  You can get these values from a local
supplier (Senco, Maze, etc., from section 12 of the NDS, or with calipers.
Also, I specify a minimum bending yield strength, Fyb.  This practice was
also recommended by APA - The Engineered Wood Association at a seminar I
attended last December.  Make sure the length/diameter/coating combination
is available from a supplier within a three state radius...I got bit on that
one last month.  If you ever need hot dip galv nails, which conform to ASTM
A153, which can be shot from a nail gun, try Maze Nails.

Since that seminar, I have been writing the various lengths and diameters
for nails as a function of the penny weight in the general notes because it
takes less space to write '16d NAILS @ 12" O.C' in the plans than '3 1/2" x
0.128" DIA NAILS @ 12" O.C.'

Just my two pennies worth!

BTW, thanks to those who commented on the "Engineering from home" thread.  I
will be a student again and will be required by the wife to bring home some
sort of income or else she will take away my allowance.

Scott M. Kent, P.E.

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Subject: IBC2000 size of a 16d nail

I tried to follow the IBC2000 reference to their 16d nail. 2303.6 calls
out ASTM F 1667, but no where can I find the size of a 16d nail.

I know the answer in the UBC, but where is the answer in the IBC?

David Merrick