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Housing the Homeless (was: Aase ruling)

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This strikes me as a non sequitur.

"Shortage in housing" is not, afaik, a "reason" for homelessness. There
might be a shortage of SUBSIDIZED housing (and maybe that's what you mean),
but there's a really good reason for that. In a word, investment.

There is little to no return on investment for building low cost housing,
and that goes for government too. The government is US, and whatever they do
gets passed on to us in terms of cost.

This is my own opinion, so feel free to flame away, but the typical homeless
person is NOT, as is commonly depicted, someone "just like you and me" who
is just "down on his luck." Homelessness represents the "hard-core poor,"
people who won't be able to take care of themselves no matter HOW much you
do for them. They will either have to be carried by the rest of us, or they
will have to remain as they are by their own choice.

But in any event, someone has to pay for the housing that is built, "dense"
or not. I have had to pay for my own, as has nearly everyone here. And we
pay for housing, clothing and food for others as well, no matter what the
media tells you, because we are by nature a charitable society, both
individually and institutionally (and that counts industry as well as
churches, foundations, etc.)

Where there is a need, there will always be the means, but people eventually
tire of being told they have to carry the full load of people who will do
little or nothing for themselves.

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There seems to be a shortage in housing. In ten years the homeless will be
more of a problem than now. Dense housing is not being built as fast as it