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Structuralist.Net Information misplaced

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My apologies to all, there seems to be a bug in the software of our discussion forum. While updating the Structuralist.Net website last night, the Discussion Forum Software currently online was overwritten by an older database. Fortunately, I had a backup from the web hosting server dated 3/17/01. This means we have lost approximately 2 weeks of postings including any templates and software references.
If you registered on the site since 3/17 you will not be able to log back in and post messages until you re-register. I will notify all who have registered to alert them. I am unable to do this for you as your password is unique and I do not have access to it.
I also have copies of all messages posted to the board. I will re-post these and credit the original author in the body of the message.
I expect this will take me a couple of days to accomplish, so please keep searching the site as you desire for new information.
I have also added a TEDDS forum in the Software Productivity Section (or will have it back on line by tomorrow). There were no templates posted to this forum at the moment and I invite those of you who use the product and wish to share templates to post them as you desire. I have notified CSC of the forum as well and expect them to announce the board to their users.
In a few days everything should be back to normal and I promise to backup at least twice a week from now on!

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