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RE: pre-engineered plan

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You don't say were you are from (High Risk or No Risk?) so it is difficult to predict how the lateral analysis will calculate compared to 94 code. UBC covers a lot of area.
I think one of the biggest concerns should be using the other engineers drawings. This is a violation of his intellectual property rights. I would suggest you obtain a written release from him first before using the drawings.
If you are in a high risk zone, I don't think the 94 lateral design will compare with the 97 UBC. This means changing details pertaining to the lateral system. I don't expect that there will be too many differences in the gravity load members.
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Subject: pre-engineered plan


I have a client brought me a job already engineered (plans and calculation
and details ) by anther engineer under 1994 ubc code
he asked me to do the calculation again using the  same plans
and the details using 97 ubc

I want to know if I can use the same plan because I do not think
I can change any of the beams and the layout of the floor joists
the only thing that he wants to change roof trusses to roof joists

the foundation is post tension which is existing
the other thing I can change the details

I like to other engineers opinion

Thanks in advance