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Re: Are we protected?,at home engineer thread

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I don't think you have personal protection through the corporation, per se.
But if the corporation has E&O coverage, THAT is the deep pocket that will
keep the opposing attorney away from you.

It isn't the employer "leaving you high and dry" that is the threat.  It is
the aggressiveness of the opposing attorney.  If you have enough "stuff", he
may come after you anyway.

Consider this scenario.  Corporate has $1M per occurrence E&O coverage.  You
design a building that has an error of some sort that doesn't become
apparent for 2 years; not a dangerous thing, but something that will cost a
tidy sum to correct . . . maybe too much deflection in a floor system.
You're a lucky guy, because a year ago you hit the lottery, won $5M.  Now
let's go talk to the opposing attorney to find out if you will be excluded
from the paperwork.

John P. Riley, PE, SE
Riley Engineering
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This thread leads me to question wheather or not those of us who are the
daily grunt design engineers, who sign and seal, need to check with our own
corporations policy for personal protection.  Has anyone been left high and
dry by their employer?
Jeff Fertich, PE