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Re: IBC2000 size of a 16d nail

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I like your approach to specifying nails, but I have not done it.  I measure
the nails on my projects, but how do you determine material qualities?  I am
also concerned with how to assure that the wood screws and lag screws that I
specify conform with my design.

Is it possible, or reasonable to expect the contractor to submit a report
that verifies Fyb of the nails and screws on a project?

I've found that the wood screws in the UBC are very difficult to obtain.  I
understand that there is only one U.S. manufacturer of standard wood screws
(in New England, and I don't have the name).  Undersized and
oddly-configured wood screws, mostly by foreign manufacturers are sold by
most hardware suppliers.  Or, specialty screws with greatly undersized
shanks by U.S. manufacturers that have unique shapes and their own ICBO
approved loads are the products that a contractor can buy from his usual

Typically, material qualities cannot be determined without a
project-specific testing program, which I have never initiated, due to cost.

Do you deal with these matters? How have you handled them?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer