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Re: happy engineer

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Jeez, that is poetry!  Unless you're like me, and believe that poetry is
suppose to rhyme.

I love engineering, too.  Puzzles are fun, I get to do them everyday.  I
used to manage a structural engineering department.  Handing the puzzles to
someone else wasn't rewarding for me.  Heck, sometimes I had to wear a tie!
Peter's Principle dictated that I go back one rung.

I don't make the big bucks.  But, hey . . . look at my lifestyle!
Self-employed, clean, dry, clothed and well-fed.  And my kids know who I am,
I'm the guy that works in the basement and coaches their basketball,
baseball and soccer teams.  I could be wealthier, but not richer.
John P. Riley, PE, SE


When I discovered my love for playing music at age 8, nothing in the world
could or ever would displace it from my heart. When I discovered my love for
engineering at age 30, I found the same desire - regardless of the
frustrations to be part of the evolution of structural engineering - nothing
can displace it from my heart.  Without the chance in prior years to try
other fields, without this internal commitment and peace, I could not, nor
would no sustain my love of engineering.

Dennis S. Wish, PE


Tomás Matta wrote:

I'm proud to say that leaving the path of frustration: I quit my job, never
again will I design!

You probably did the right thing for you, if you don't like design.  Design
and then seeing my projects built in the field are my two favorite parts of
the job. An unending string of deadlines and dealing with mistakes are my
two least favorite.

Rick Burch